Doctor of Public Health Study Program

Vision of Study Program

To be established and excellent Doctor of Public Health study program in education and research in Southeast Asia that is useful for Indonesian people’s welfare

 Mission of Study Program

  1. To hold education and teaching of doctoral degree in Public Health
  2. To facilitate the establishment of research and publication in the field of public health for strengthening and improvement of education quality
  3. To facilitate the establishment of community service activities to increase public health level, at the same time provide study experience in implementation of public health intervention technology (in the forms of consulting, advocacy, promotion and mobilization, community participation and resources).

Aim of Study Program

The study program aims to produce doctors of public health who are excellent in public health science and technology, have gender and environmental insights in solving national, international and global public health problems. At global level, competencies of bachelors, master and doctors of public health have been agreed.

General Competencies of Doctors of Public Health

  1. Conducting assessment and analysis on public health problems
  2. Capability of planning and developing policy to solve public health problems
  3. Capability to do commucation in relation to their duty as doctor of public health
  4. Capability to understand local culture as guide in appreciating community’s local wisdom in solving health problems
  5. Capability to do community empowerment in solving public health problems
  6. Understanding basis of public health sciences
  7. Capability to plan and manage resources in solving public health problems
  8. Capability of leading health team and thinking system in solving public health problems

Number of Credits

Structure of courses at Doctor of Public Health Study Program consists of:

Faculty Core Courses : 8 Credits
Study Program Core Courses : 10 Credits
Independent Core Courses: 4 Credits
Final Task  : 30 Credits
Total : 52 Credits