Bachelor of Science in Public Health Study Program

Bachelor of Science in Public Health Study Program

Vision of Study Program

To be excellent study program in generating Bachelors of Science in Public Health that are capable of taking active role in solving public health problems at global level through education process, research and community services.

Mission of Study Program

  1. To develop and implement public health education program effectively and efficiently
  2. To use results of research and community service activities for curriculum development
  3. To support students to take active roles in conducting research and community services in the field of public health
  4. To produce graduates that have competence and ability in identifying public health problems, solving public health problems, implementing public health interventions and implementing lifetime learning

Aims of Study Program

The aim of Bachelor of Science in Public Health Study Program is to produce bachelors who have identity and competencies that are appropriate with public health science and technology and able to support health development program in Indonesia through policies, particularly in the field of public health.

General Competencies of Bachelor of Science in Public Health

  1. Capability of implementing (C3) principles of public health science in solving health problems and capability of being adaptable in development of health science and technology
  2. Capability of analyzing (C4) public health problems with considerations of ethic, scientific, socio-cultural and economic perspectives.
  3. Capability of implementing (C3) health policies and program planning in operational to support primary public healthcare services
  4. Capability of planning (C6) and managing (C6) fund resource on primary healthcare services
  5. Capability of leading and thinking of system (C3)
  6. Capability of implementing effective communication by using any media to communicate work results to community and stakeholders of primary public healthcare services (C3)
  7. Capability of implementing education (C3) and community empowerment about public health and mobilization for identification and solving primary public health problems
  8. Capability of analyzing (C4) determinant factors of specific population health

 Number of Credits

Structure of courses at Bachelor of Science in Public Health Study Program consists of:

University Core Courses : 18 Credits
Health Science Cluster Core Courses : 13 Credits
Faculty Core Courses : 16 Credits
Study Program Core Courses : 64 Credits
Final Task : 4 Credits
Elective Courses : 29 Credits
Total : 144 Credits