Environtmental Health

Environtmental Health

Building C, 2nd Floor Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia, Depok.
Phone & Fax : (+6221) 786 3479
Head of Department : Dr. drg. Ririn Arminsih Wulandari, M.Kes
Secretary                    : Dr.Budi Hartono, S.Si, MKM

Basis of environmental health science is identifying, measuring, analyzing, assessing, predicting dangers of any exposures in the environment, and conducting control in aim to prevent and protect public health and ecosystem.

Environmental health science studies dynamic interaction of any exposures or environmental agents (physical, radiation, chemistry, biology, and behavior) through air, water, waste water, food and beverages, vector or animals carrying disease, and humans in residential areas, workplace or school, public places and trips with risks affecting on health (disease incidence) among groups of human or community.

Teaching, research and community service activities at Department of Environmental Health are conducted based on concentration on seven major studies: air pollution, water pollution, vector and animal carrying disease, food and beverage contamination, environmental toxicology, environmental health epidemiology and health risk estimation.

Department of Environmental Health holds education for Bachelor Program in Public Health with Environmental Health major and for Master Program in Public Health Sciences with Environmental Health Epidemiology and Environmental Health specializations.

Department of Environmental Health has 14 lecturer staff with various background of studies in accordance with multidisciplinary nature, assisted by several extraordinary lecturers.


Environmental Health and Population
Basics of Environmental Health
Dynamics of Population and Environmental Health
Environmental Health Chemistry
Health Ecology
Environment-Based Diseases 1
Basics of Environment-Based Diseases
Dynamics of Environment-Based Disease Microorganism Agents
Environment-Based Diseases 2
Environmental Toxicology
Vector and Animals Carrying Disease
Environmental Health Genetics
Disease Transmission Media
Air Pollution
Food Contamination
Trash and Liquid Waste Management
Environmental Health Anaylisis and Methods
Environmental Health Epidemiology
Environmental Health Risk Analysis
Environmental Health Spatial Analysis
Analysis of Environmental Health Effects
Environmental Health Policy and Management
Environmental Health Economics
Environmental Health Management
Laws and Regulations of Environmental Health
Environmental Health Technology
Leadership for Health Development
Environmental Health Application
Sanitation of Public Places, Tourism and Public Safety
Sanitation of Transportation and Traffic Accidents
Sanitation of Housing and Settlement
Agriculture and Cattle Environmental Health
Sanitation of Workplace, Industry and Environmental Safety
Environmental Health Field Work 1
Environmental Health in Disaster
Integrated Study Experience
Environmental Health Case Study
Environmental Health Field Work 2
Undergraduate Thesis
Quantitative Research Methodology
Scientific Writing
Global Health and Environment
Area-Based Disease Management
Management of Water Resource, Industrial Liquid Waste & Toxic and Harmful Substances
Emergency and Disaster Environmental Health
Toxicology, Risk Analysis and Public Health Audit
Food Security and Prevention of Food Poisoning and Vector
Area-Based Disease Management
Area-Based Surveillance
Epidemiology of Environmental Pollution and Disease
Critical Study on Environmental Health Epidemiology
Toxicology, Risk Analysis and Public Health Audit
Postgraduate Thesis

Lecturer Staff