Building A, 1st FloorFaculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia, Depok.
T : (+6221) 7884 9031, 786 3474. F: (+6221) 78849032
Head of Department                : dr. Mondastri Korib Sudaryo, MS, DSc
Secretary                                 : dr. Yovsyah, M.Kes

Department of Epidemiology is one of seven departments at Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia. This department holds several study programs that are i) Bachelor of Science in Public Health Study Program with Epidemiology major, ii) Master Program and iii) Doctoral Program in Epidemiology in Postgraduate program Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia.

Master Program in Epidemiology has 3 specializations: Epidemiology of Community, Clinical Epidemiology and Field Epidemiology. Meanwhile, Doctoral Program in Epidemology has 2 specializations: Epidemiology of Community and Clinical Epidemiology. Master and Doctoral Programs at Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia are the first Master and Doctoral Programs in Epidemiology in Indonesia.

Department of Epidemiology teaches several Epidemiology core courses for all specializations at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs at Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia. Several specializations that have been and are being developed at Department of Epidemiology are: Clinical Epidemiology, Reproductive Health Epidemiology, Nutritional Epidemiology, Health Service Epidemiology, Disaster Epidemiology, Non Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Nosocomial Infection Epidemiology, Social Epidemiology, Perinatal Health Epidemiology, Maternal Health Epidemiology, Sexually Transmitted Disease and AIDS Epidemiology, Mental Health Epidemiology, Epidemiology for Quality Improvement, Field Epidemiology, Molecular Epidemiology, Pilgrimage Health Epidemiology, Injury Problem Epidemiology, Occupational Health Epidemiology, Cancer Epidemiology and Pharmacoepidemiology.

This program with Department of Epidemiology has cooperated in following development of epidemiology at national level that is in several organizations, such as PAEI (The Indonesian Epidemiology Association), JEN (National Epidemiology Network), activities at Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, Epidemiology Collegium IAKMI (The Indonesian Public Health Association) as well as at international level, such as Thepinet, Asia Epidemiology Association and International Epidemiology Association (IEA).


Outbreak Investigation

Introduction to AIDS Epidemiology

Introduction to Disaster Epidemiology

Occupational Health Epidemiology

Reproductive Health Epidemiology

Disease Countermeasure Programs
Health Management Epidemiology

Social Epidemiology

Epidemiological Quick Survey

Data Analysis for Descriptive Epidemiology

Nutritional Epidemiology

Methods and Ethics of Descriptive Epidemiological Research

Article Study

Intermediate Public Health

Non-Infectious Disease Control and Epidemiology

Advanced Epidemiological Analysis Application 1

Infectious Disease Epidemiology Methods

Epidemiological Research Methods

Epidemiology Scientific Presentation and Manuscript Writing

Epidemiology Methods 1

Epidemiological Surveillance

Outbreak Investigation Designs

Advanced Epidemiological Analysis Application 2

Epidemiology Methods 2

Critical Study

Clinical Epidemiology Methods

Epidemiology Current Issues

Clinical Trial

Clinical Decision Analysis

Situation Analysis

Outbreak Investigation Designs & Practices

Field and Bio-safety Laboratory

Surveillance & Surveillance System Evaluation

Development of Policy, Management, and Evaluation of Public Health Programs

Operational Research


Interpersonal Communication and Advocacy


 Lecturer Staff