Health Education and Behavioral Science

Health Education and Behavioral Science

Building D, 1st Floor Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia, Depok
Phone  : (+6221) 786 3475, 786 3502
Fax.      : (+6221) 786 3475
Head of Department : Dr. Dian Ayubi, SKM, MQIH
Secretary                    : Dien Anshari, S.Sos, M.Si., Ph.D


Health education is a branch of public health professions that has three studies, namely behavioral science (psychology, sociology and anthropology), public health and education. Moreover, it is also supported by philosophy, history, humanities, politics and economics.

To be the center of development, study, as well as spread of health behavioral science and technology in the field of health education, promotion and behavior as participation form in efforts to make Indonesian people healthy and prosperous.


  1. To develop public health science through research, assessment and implementation of health education and promotion as one of methods and public health intervention form
  2. To develop human resources in the fields of health education and promotion to support health efforts through any activities
  3. To elevate public health level through the efforts of improving ability and professionalism of health workers that are capable of encouraging participation and empowering community in the field of health
  4. To conduct effort of improving public health level and directly through pilot projects and community service


Development of Organization
Management of Health Promotion Program
Development of Health Communication Media
Interpersonal Communication
Basics of Psychology
Education Method in Health Promotion
Education and Training
Socio-cultural Determinants
Health Psychology
Application of Health Promotion at Any Order
Social Marketing
Health Behavior and Its Measurement
Dynamics of Group
Qualitative Research Methodology
Scientific Writing
Advanced Health Promotion
Advanced Health Behavior
Planning and Evaluation of Health Promotion
Community Development and Organizing
Health Promotion Advocacy
Environmental Health
Socio-cultural Aspect in Health
Health Communication

Lecturer Staff