Dian Kusuma

Dian Kusuma


Dr. Dian Kusuma, S.KM, M.PH

Dian Kusuma is a Research Associate at the Centre for Health Economics & Policy Innovation of Imperial College Business School, United Kingdom. The Centre for Health Economics & Policy Innovation (CHEPI) is built around a distinctive programme of research and teaching on health economics, policy and management. It’s focus is on the incentives that drive productivity, quality and innovation, both at the health system and organizational levels, on the incentives that drive health-related behaviors at the individual level, and on the factors that determine the success of health policies designed and implemented by governments.

Dian Kusuma obtained his Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia on 2003. He then continues his study in Public Health and received his Master of Public Health degree from Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam. For his Doctor of Science degree, he obtained it from Harvard in Global Health and Population with major in Health Systems and minor in Economics. He also obtained his doctorate’s degree from the Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia on 2011.

Before becoming a Research Associate at Imperial College Business School, he was a postdoctoral research associate working on the Malaysia Health Systems Research, which was a collaboration between the Government of Malaysia and Harvard University. Nowadays at Imperial, he is working on the NIHR Global Health Research Unit project aiming to create an inter-disciplinary environment that fosters the development and implementation of acceptable, equitable, efficient, scalable and sustainable approaches to reduce the burden of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka).