Public Health Nutrition

Public Health Nutrition

BuildingF, 2ndFloor Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia, Depok. T/F : +6221 786 3501
Head of Department   : Prof. Dr. Dra. Ratu Ayu Dewi Sartika, Apt, MSc
Secretary                     : Ir. Siti Arifah Pujonarti, MPH

Nutrition is one of key areas in improving quality of human resources that are strong and independent as well as competitive in the global era. The more complex nutritional problems in Indonesia encourage the importance to adequately elevate competence of expertise in nutrition. To meet the need of nutritionists, Department of Public Health Nutrition develops education programs at both bachelor and master degree.

At bachelor degree, Department of Public Health Nutrition opens Bachelor Program in Nutrition with the title “Bachelor of Science in Nutrition”. Currently, Department of Public Health Nutrition has developed Competence-Based Curriculum with Student Center Learning study method and Problem-Based Learning approach. Beside managing Bachelor Program in Nutrition, Department of Public Health Nutrition also manages Master Program in Public Health Sciences with specialization in Public Health Nutrition.


Anatomy 2
Biochemistry 2
Pathophysiology of Disease
Organic Chemistry
Energy Metabolism & Macronutrients

Micronutrient Metabolism

Basics of Nutrition Science

Nutrition in Life Cycle

Infectious Disease Dietetics and Deficiency

Non Infectious Disease Dietetics

Nutritional Status Assessment

Food Material Science

Nutrient Analysis

Culinary Basics




Nutrition Education

Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional Research Methods

Research Proposal Seminar

Undergraduate Thesis

Basics of Management

Management of Food Service Industry

Planning and Evaluation of Nutrition Programs

Dietetic Work Practices

Public Health Work Practices

Food Technology

Current Nutrition Issues

Nutrition Data Analysis and Management


Urban Nutrition

Positive Deviance in Nutrition

Fitness and Sports Nutrition

Quantitative Research Methodology

Scientific Writing

Public Health Nutrition Program and Policy Analysis

Energy and Macronutrients


Nutrition and Disease

Nutrition Promotion

Application of Positive Deviance Approach in Nutrition

Emergency Nutrition

Elderly Nutrition


Postgraduate Thesis

Lecturer Staff