SDG 11 : Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG 11 : Sustainable Cities and Communities

Support of arts and heritage

The Faculty of Public Health provides access to libraries including books and publications. Civitas of the Faculty of Public Health can access all collections for free through the library’s collection catalog website. While for the public, they will be charged if they wish to access all collections from the library. Unfortunately during the COVID-19 Pandemic, access to all collections are restricted for the public. Civitas of the Faculty of Public Health can still access the digital collections by registering membership or by submitting a request through the library’s literature search service.

In addition to that, the Library of the Faculty of Public Health also provides internet services for free. Civitas of the Faculty of Public Health can access the internet by using their Single Sign On account, while the public can request for a Guest account.

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Layanan Pemustaka

Layanan Penggunaan Perpustakaan

Layanan Penelusuran Literatur

Layanan Turnitin

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Expenditure on arts and heritage

Arts and heritage expenditure

University expenditure

IDR 28,000,000,000.00

University expenditure on arts and heritage

IDR 188,000,000.00

Sustainable practices

The Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia has been promoting the work from home (remote working) scheme since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. To support the decision, the faculty developed several online systems to facilitate services for stakeholders (students, alumni, collaboration partners, etc) as well as to make it easier for employees to serve stakeholder’s needs and to complete their work remotely. Among many other online systems developed by the faculty, there is one that’s called the Unit Layanan Fakultas (ULF) or Faculty Service Unit. The ULF can be accessed by all civitas through the faculty’s website.

Inside the ULF, all services for the faculty’s stakeholders have been integrated online including Sistem Informasi Dokumentasi Ujian (SIDU), Aplikasi Permintaan Surat Mahasiswa Akademik & Kemahasiswaan (Permisa), Online Ethical Review, Biaya Operasional Pendidikan Berkeadilan (BOPB) or Fair Education Operational Cost Management, etc. Through the Sistem Informasi Dokumentasi Ujian (SIDU) or Exam Documentation Information System, the educational staff can monitor the list of students who take exams on a certain day. On the other hand, the Aplikasi Permintaan Surat Mahasiswa Akademik & Kemahasiswaan or Academic & Student Affairs Letter Request Application can facilitate students in requesting official letters from the Academic and/or Student Affairs Unit online without the need to meet in person.

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Unit Layanan Fakultas

To address planning issues and development such as ensuring local residents are able to access affordable housing, the Faculty of Public Health often collaborates with local authorities. In 2021, the Faculty of Public Health collaborates with the Regional Government and the Regional Development Planning Agency of Bogor City through Field Learning Experience and Community Service program.

Throughout the program, final year students are assigned to conduct digital education to the community in several urban villages in Bogor City related to stunting and nutritional intake issues, waste management, Clean and Healthy Lifestyle, as well as COVID-19 contact tracing. The results of the program are presented to stakeholders as a consideration for planning and development in Bogor City to create a healthy and sustainable city.

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Seminar Online FKM UI Seri 7: Kolaborasi FKM UI dan Bappeda Bogor dalam kegiatan Pengalaman Belajar Lapangan dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat