Webinar Series

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1 Webinar Series 1 “The Impact of PSBB (Big Data Analysis)” “Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End by June 2020?”
2 Webinar Series 2 “Using Application to Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic”
“Public Health Nutrition Policy in the COVID-19 Pandemic”
3 Webinar Series 3 “From Social Distance to Physical Distance: Practicing Public Health Against COVID-19”
“Sunlight Exposure Increased COVID-19 Recovery Rates: A Study in The Central Pandemic Area of Indonesia”
4 Webinar Series 4 “The Role of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in Handling the COVID-19 in Companies”
“Climate Change, Air Pollution, and COVID-19”
5 Webinar Series 5 “Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults in the COVID-19 Era”
“Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Role of Civil Society”
“The Development of Purification Technology for Rooms Contaminated with Coronavirus”
6 Webinar Series 6 “Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic and New Behavior Life”
“The Concept of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Handling the COVID-19”
7 Webinar Series 7 “The Risk Mitigation of Hospital Financial Management in the COVID-19 Era”
8 Webinar Series 8 “Global Resolution on COVID-19 of the WHO WHA73 18-19 May 2020”
“Wake Up Call for Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health (RMCH)”
9 Webinar Series 9 “The Role of Nutrition in Encountering with the New Normal”
“The Future of Public Health is Now. It is Time to Proof Who We Are”
10 Webinar Series 10 “New Normal: Are We Ready?”
“Infectious Diseases and Stigma: Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia”
11 Webinar Series 11 “The Role of the Health Promotion Professional in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic”
“The Contribution of Alumni Association in Tackling the COVID-19”
12 Webinar Series 12 “Health Impacts Due to Un-Ergonomic Posture During Work From Home Period”
13 Webinar Series 13 “Health Protocol in the Workplace: Not Exposed to Covid, Keep Working”
“The Challenges of Overcoming Non-Communicable Diseases in the New Normal Era”
14 Webinar Series 14 “The Role of Media in Behavior Change Communication”
“(Re)Preparing Community Nutrition Services in the New Normal Era: Findings from the Field”
15 Webinar Series 15 “How is the Public Health Program Going in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic?”
16 Webinar Series 16 “The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Solutions from the Public Health and Social Perspective”
17 Webinar Series 17 “Understanding the Epidemic Curve and Effective Reproductive Rate the of Covid-19”
18 Webinar Series 18 “The Development of the COVID-19 Outbreak in DKI Jakarta & East Java: And Epidemiological Study” “What and Why COVID-19 Positive Cases Are Rising Sharply in East Java”
19 Webinar Series 19 “Human Development Index During the COVID-19 Pandemic”
“Reproductive Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic”
20 Webinar Series 20 “Risk Management Mitigation in the Implementation of Regional Elections”
“Public Health Aspects in Regional Elections Security”
21 Webinar Series 21 “Book Launch and Review: Stunting Prevention”
22 Webinar Series 22 “Book Launching and Review: Disaster Resilient Villages Against the COVID-19”
23 Webinar Series 23 “Book Reviews:

  1. Analysis of Health Policy: Principles and Applications
  2. Strategic Management of Health Service Organizations: Concepts and Practical Steps”
24 Webinar Series 24 “Healthier Planet and the Challenges of Breastfeeding in the COVID-19 Pandemic”
25 Webinar Series 25 “The Dissemination of Results of Evaluation of Information, Education, & Communication (IEC) Materials and Other Research related to COVID-19 to Selected Stakeholders”
26 Webinar Series 26 “The Dissemination of Results of Studies on Policies and Evaluation of Communication, Information & Education (IEC) Materials related to COVID-19 for Local Governments/Stakeholders”
27 Webinar Series 27 “Nutrition for the Nation IX: Handling Nutrition Problems in the Pandemic Era”
28 Webinar Series 28 “A Multisectoral Approach to Stunting Prevention”
“Youth Nutrition”
29 Webinar Series 29 “The COVID-19 Outbreak Has Not Been Under Control: What Should be Done?”
30 Webinar Series 30 “The Challenge of Working with Communities in Humanitarian Organizations in Improving Public Health Status”
“A Small Idea for Indonesia: The Balance of Social Activity and Experience in Improving the Health Status of Marginalized and Urban Communities Before and During the Pandemic”
31 Webinar Series 31 “International Seminar on Nutrition: Healthy Diet to Maintain Optimal Immunity in the New Normal Era”
32 Webinar Series 32 “Pentahelix Approach in Enforcing the COVID-19 Protocol in the Framework of Maintaining the Sustainability of the Business World”
33 Webinar Series 33 “The Future of Handling the COVID-19 in the Workplace”
34 Webinar Series 34 “Prospective Young Epidemiologist Discussion About the COVID-19 in Indonesia”
35 Webinar Series 35 “COVID-19 Referral Health Service System in the Era of Adaptation to New Habits”
36 Webinar Series 36 “Self-Isolation Program for COVID-19 Patients in Hotels with Private Hospitals as Facilitators”
37 Webinar Series 37 “Stunting Reduction: Challenges and Success Stories from Various Countries”
38 Webinar Series 38 “Records on the Journey of COVID-19 Handling in Indonesia and Asia”
39 Webinar Series 39 “Global Health Response to COVID-19 Pandemics: USA’s Experiences”
40 Webinar Series 40 “Empirical Research in Environment and Public Health: Economic Perspectives”

2019 General Lectures

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1 Mobile Health Lecture Viamo
2 Better Health Reform General Lecture Macquarie University
3 Core Competence General Lecture
4 Dies Natalis General Lecture Australian National University
5 Indonesia and Global Health General Lecture ASEAN
6 Global Health 4.0 General Lecture Duke Kunshan University
7 LOCUS4GLOBOPTION General Lecture
8 Mental Health General Lecture for New Students
9 General Lecture of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health RI
10 Improvement on Environmental Quality General Lecture Special Presidential Envoy
11 Dust Samples in the Work Environment General Lecture SKC Asia