OHS Laboratory

OHS Laboratory


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Laboratory FPH UI is a laboratory engaged in the fields of education, research, and community service. The Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) Laboratory of FPH UI was established in 2008 based on the Decree of the Dean of FPH UI Number 272 of 2008 concerning the Designation of Laboratories at the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia.

Occupational Health and Safety laboratory is equipped with a variety of sophisticated equipment that is used to support lecture activities, research, and community service, both students, lecturers, and the University of Indonesia academic community. The scope of the OHS field in the OHS laboratory includes:

  1. Industrial Hygiene
  2. Occupational Health
  3. Safety
  4. Ergonomics

Struktur Organisasi

Based on the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia Number 338/SK/F10.D/UI/2019 concerning the Organizational Structure of the Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia, the OHS Laboratory is a unit under the OHS Department.

OSH Laboratory Organizational Structure in 2023:

OHS Department Head    : Mila Tejamaya S.Si, MOHS, Ph.D

OHS Laboratory Head     : Dr. Hendra SKM, MKKK

OHS Laboratory Staff      : R. Yusia Wulandari Ningrum, ST. M.Sc

Our Services

OHS Laboratory provides services both internally and externally, namely in the form of supporting the implementation of lecture practices for OHS Bachelor and OHS Master study programs, supporting borrowing and data retrieval for research data needs for both lecturers and students. The OHS laboratory also collaborates with external partners in implementing lecture practices

a. Implementation of practical activities for OHS Bachelor PFH UI students

Figure 2. Industrial Hygiene Practices

Figure 3. Praktikum Fire Mata Kuliah Praktikum Keselamatan


b. Assistance in collecting data for OHS Bachelor PFH UI / non-OHS Bachelor PFH UI students for thesis

Figure 4. Noise measurement in PT. MRT


c. Externals Collaboration

Figure 5. STIKes Raflesia Depok visit

Figure 6. Collaboration with PT. WIKA Gedung for Safety Practices (work at height)

Our Facilities

a. OHS Laboratory FPH UI

OHS Laboratory FPH UI consists of classrooms, dry and wet laboratory, a weighing room, and an administration room.

Figure 7. OHS Laboratory FPH UI


b. Occupational Health and Environmental Laboratory RIK UI

The OHS laboratory at Health Science Cluster UI is a joint laboratory with the Environmental Health Laboratory. This laboratory consists of a large room which use for classroom and practice facilities that can accommodate students above 50 people and a storage room for storing the laboratory equipment. In addition, there is the OSH CoE which is a Centre of Excellence for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) which was ratified on February 13, 2023 led by Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs of the University of Indonesia

Figure 8. OHS Laboratory RIK UI – Occupational Health & Safety Centre of Excellence (OSH CoE)

Our Prime Facilities

The facility featured by the OSH laboratory is the Occupational Health & Safety Center of Excellence (OSH CoE) which is a Centre of Excellence for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) developed with funding from the Kedaireka Matching Fund of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in 2022.

Activity or Facilities Documentation

Gambar 9. Occupational Health & Safety Centre of Excellence (OSH CoE) Documentation

Peralatan Laboratorium

Scope Instrument/Equipment
Industrial Hygiene Sound level meter
Personal Noise Dosimeter
Vibration meter
Thermal Environment monitor/ WGBT (Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer)
Light meter/ lux meter
Digital Vane Anemometer
Velocity meter
Personal Sampling Pump
Indoor Air Quality Direct Reading
Dust Track II
Single impinger
Biostage SKC Quick Take 30
Audiometer + Audiometri booth
Reaction time
Occupational Health Spirometric
Blood Pressure
body mass index and fat measurement tool
CPR mannequin
folded stretcher
AED Trainer
wood splints
Stature meter
Safety LOTO
Fire Alarm System
Body Harness
Chemical Spilkit
Safety Helm
Safety Shoes
Safety gloves
Life Vest
Welding mask
Ergonomic Anthropometric set
Seated Anthropometric
Standing anthropometric
The meter
Triangle ruler



a. Email : labk3.fkm@ui.ac.id

b. Phone : 021 78849034

c. Address : Building C, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia, Depok 16424