Ukik Kusuma Kurniawan

Ukik Kusuma Kurniawan


Dr. Ukik Kusuma Kurniawan, S.KM, M.PS, MA

Ukik Kusuma Kurniawan is a Chief Representative of Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional (BKKBN) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Special Region’s National Population and Family Planning Agencies). Its vision is to become a reliable and trusted institution in creating a balanced population and quality families. To achieve its vision, it carries out several missions that are mainstreaming population-oriented development, organizing family planning and reproductive health, facilitating family development, developing partnership networks in population management, family planning and family development, while also building and implementing a consistent organizational work culture.

As a successful man, he completed his education on prestigious universities. He obtained his bachelor’s degree on 1994 from the Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia in which he majored in Public Health. He then continues his education on Australian National University in Canberra, Australia where he took Population Studies as his major. He completed his study on 2000. Later on 2011, he obtained his doctorate’s degree in Public Health from the Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia.

Before becoming the Chief Representative, Ukik Kusuma Kurniawan used to work as the Head of Sub-Directorate for Population Control Targeting for BKKBN on 2016. He served as the Head of Sub-Directorate for a year before getting promoted to become the Head of Cooperation and Overseas Training Education also for BKKBN on 2017. After serving on the role for three years, he was inaugurated as the Chief Representative of BKKBN for the Yogyakarta Special Region on 2020 until now.